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Visionary Community Care Program (VICOCAP)’s vision is that of “A transformed self-reliant society” with an overall goal “To realize genuine community transformation for self-reliance”. The NGO works in urban informal settlement to improve the living standards of marginalized and vulnerable community members. These target populations (Young mothers, Widows, Poor women and elderly people) live in extreme poverty levels, with less than 1 $ a day. Providing a single meal to their household (5-7 members) is a challenge. Unemployment has escalated their poverty index. Dreaming of starting a small income generating activities that can assure them of a regular source of income is complicated by the fact that they lack skills to manage sustainable revenue creation ventures. Even those with simple knowledge and skills lack capital to invest in the business ventures. Through the socio-economic project, the program provides affordable and sustainable livelihood opportunities to the marginalized and vulnerable community members.

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To realize this, the organization trains,

coaches, mentors and conducts symposiums to the target population. It also clusters the beneficiaries into groups and assists the mobilized groups to register with the government for legitimacy.


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Additionally, it promotes the saving culture among the target groups. The organization establishes a revolving fund to provide business capital to enable beneficiaries start different income generating initiatives. Apart from the revolving fund, the target population is linked to other financial institutions i.e. Uwezo fund & Women Enterprise Fund (WEF) for more capital injection.

Currently the program is supporting 337 marginalized and vulnerable community members in 11 villages in Kibera slum the home of over 1 million populations. Livelihood for improved Health and income increase (LIHI) project which was funded by Kenya Community Development Foundation (KCDF) has enabled VICOCAP revive 212 small income generating activities that were affected by covid-19 pandemic.

Due to the big number of marginalized and vulnerable community members who need VICOCAP services, the organizations appeals to philanthropists, well-wishers, foundations, trusts and other partners to support VICOCAP with any of the following resources in order to meet the priority needs: