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He tarmacked for one month hopping to get a white collar job but all in vain. He landed in a security company where he was sacked after working for only three months. He had been quietly admiring a business managed by a neighbor where they stayed. One day he took a bold step of approaching him for more information. Jeffy took apprenticeship training in bicycle and motor repair for six months in the neighbour’s garage.

He worked there briefly before starting his own business Jeffy Cycles in Soweto East village with a capital of kshs 10,000. He was loaned bicycles by wheels of Africa worth kshs 50,000. He sold the bicycles and repaid the loan remaining with a profit of kshs 11,000. This motivated him to expand the business.

“He worked there briefly before starting his own business Jeffy Cycles in Soweto East village with a capital of kshs 10,000”


The business has enabled him to increase in knowledge bicycle repair and creation of employment. The business currently employs 2 employees a fact he attributes to business growth. He acknowledges that his children now goes to school comfortably and has some good amount of money remaining for savings. On average, he saves kshs 300 per week in his Paradiso women which is one of the 17 women groups under VICOCAP.

By the end of January 2018, Jeffy had saved kshs 38,995 from his business profits.
Jeffy has experienced challenges in the business which includes high cost of spare parts and lack of time to market the used UK bicycles because he works with KK security. The business needs huge capital to run the business.

He is a member and secretary of Paradiso Women Group which he joined in 2017. Before he joined VICOCAP operating his business was difficult as he lacked enough expertise on business management and finance literacy. He says that getting loans to boost the business was hard as few people were willing to give loans and when they did it was under tough conditions.

Joining VICOCAP has helped him tremendously. He has attended various trainings on business management and how to manage finance, which were organized by VICOCAP. The organization has given him loans to expand his business. He has already taken two loans of Ksh15, 000 and Ksh35, 000 which has seen his bicycle and motorcycle repair improve exceedingly. Additionally, he has ventured into selling new and second hand bicycles and motorcycles.

He advices the community  to join groups because apart from monetary benefits, one gets good business ideas, ways to improve their businesses and also it enhances togetherness. He applauds VICOCAP for the support to the community especially vulnerable members.