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  • Why Livelihood? 

Vulnerable women comprise over half of the populace in Kibera slum where they are also the breadwinners. This huge population ones cultivated and mentored can foster the overall growth at individual and household level and contribute to overall poverty reduction, Women are the backbone of families and ones empowered the family gets empowered

    • What we do? VICOCAP 

VICOCAP through its livelihood program enables women who are the primary focus and also the men and youth from disadvantaged communities and groups to access financial aid and be equipped with apprenticeship skills. The program aims to shift the mindset of these groups and communities to become self-reliant and be more involved in income generating activities as we promote the savings culture. This compliments the government and align with SDG 1,5 and 8

How we work?

We will use graphic photos for each. Mobilization, Enrolment, Grouping, Skills and training, Group Savings and Loans, Mentorship.

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Why Education

Education is the solution to our daily problems. The transmission of values and accumulated knowledge in a society fosters a better future. Children need not only to be empowered but also be molded and transformed as a result of the empowerment to better older people in the society. The learning curve for children in Kenya has not been steady despite education being free.

What we do

VICOCAP flagship program “Nisomeshe- meaning educate me” works to empower underprivileged children by providing education, mentorship, wellness support and caregivers savings scheme. Nisomeshe programme works with children aged (4-18 years) from poor families, remote villages and differently abled children. The programme is well aligned with SDG 4.

How we work

Use graphics for mobilization, Enrollment. Grouping, mentorship,

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Why Disability

66% of Persons living with disabilities live in rural areas where age (0-35) takes 77.9% of the populace. This is a significant number bearing in mind the index number of poverty level is high in the rural area. These persons need an enabling environment that informs supports and cultivates them to be productive in our society.

What we do

VICOCAP through its disability inclusion program works with persons with disabilities of all ages in two different projects with an objective of advocating for disability inclusion in all sectors. “Afya ni mali means health is wealth” is a project focused to improve the overall health by providing physiotherapy services and referrals when need be. The other project Wezesha project focuses to improve the living standards of persons with disabilities through participating in income generating activities by changing the mindset from dependency to self-reliance. This aligns with SDG 5 and 10.

How we work

Community involvement, Mobilization, Enrollment and Mentorship.

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Community health in slum based area is a challenge especially with non-communicable diseases and HIV spreading like wild fire. Our beneficiaries are part of that community that needs intervention to promote their health and in return they can engage in meaningful income generating activities.

What we do

VICOCAP through its program of community health aims to reduce the rate of infections of non-communicable diseases by sensitizing on uptake of medication, offering referrals and linkages where necessary.  

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