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The NGO identifies vulnerable people in the community, organizes them into solid groups and facilitates their registration with the government. The respective individuals are them trained on group dynamics, entrepreneurship, business literacy, loan management and management of sustainable income generating activities.

The trained groups are supported with credit facilities from the organization to boost their existing businesses or start up new businesses. The organization also links the registered groups to government devolved funds like UWEZO fund, Youth enterprise fund, Women enterprise fund and affirmative fund for affordable credit fund.

“The groups are also engaged in table banking popularly known as Group Saving and Loan (GSL).”

Luka Response

The organization has tried to integrate all its project to economic empowerment for sustainability purpose. The NGO currently serves 204 community members from Kibera slum who are engaged in different kinds of IGAs.

VICOCAP has been trained by Kenya Community Development Foundation (KCDF) on how to fund raise locally. KCDF also trained the management on change the game academy so that VICOCAP can sensitize the community members on how to participate in the devolved governments on service delivery.